It is a return to the domicile of their fixed pictures. These men and women came out in their different miens and ages, in their new and worn out sleeves. They came out stealthily, some times in the darkness of the night, some times under the light of the early dawn, some times under the successive lightning in a wilderness untrodden before by a foot, their affairs are always renewable. They move severally or jointly, and walk leisurely at every turning.



          Yes they are the same people who came out from violent shocks which left deep wounds, men and women with noble but imprisoned spirits in these corporeal bodies, the poetry roam over their eyes, their hands hold reins without horses. The pictures of some of them magnified until they are about to touch the frame of the picture, but remain lonely despite their correlation with every entity and body, bulky or small, in the world of the picture.



          Sometimes they seem to belong to past ages whose features and landmarks were obliterated. Their realities are double.



          Their time is not a unique time but most of them live in the towns of our world. They identify each other with a hasty gesture, or a pass-word reserved only for those who deserve it. You see among them sultans, princes, sages, artists and sufists passing quickly. Their hearts swarm with grave words. The girds of their invisible swords appear suddenly from the folds of their strange sleeves. Their questions are extremely sweet and tender but they disappear hastily with out waiting for an answer.



          And women with glorious beauty, their images appear unexpectedly, the bobbies of colours, shadows and lines make room for them where roads appear and other roads disappear in the dark green colour, yes under the shadows of the letters every man and every woman reached the peack of strength, and every one knows the place of his early life and the local ion in which he shall perish on the land of after the Arabic letter.


          Here it will be easy for every entity to choose the colour, the volume and the relations with the others in the independent space of the picture. You may see in the trunks of men and women stowed spadix while   crossing the river of the remote hopes . Yes, these are the faces which continued to light  the lamps of their love for decades in the era of the fatimides in Egypt and that is a spectrum of a shadow which remained standing for centuries at a balcony in Seville, which see me by the eye of its imagination, and does not defend me from the blows. I cry for it in hope and despair and defend myself by repeating its old name.


          The knots of the pictures were untied,   and I ask the spectrum insistently in the late afternoons of the " Blue Sultanate" but it is preoccupied with the pomegranate of the old passion, which it plunges from time to time in the confluence of the two niles at Khartoum.


          It is the overwhelming joy through which all gifts and the beings of beauty in the field of painting forms.


          Thus, this book " Gametes" is where the sign and the image meet at multi levels, and therefore there is no other response than this response to painting spaces after the Arabic letter where echo and re-echo, where the cradle of the virgin picture and the unique sign meet at the same time. After the birth of every letter an image forms in a vital domain, and so this unitary cohesion occur at  standard  and ability in line, colour, design, and the fertile primordial state which rely on the logic of painting in these works.


Prof. Ahmad Abdel Aal