Name:                             Ahmed Ibrahim Abdel Aal

Date of Birth:                 July 4th , 1946

Place of Birth:                Kassala, Sudan

Marital Status:               Married, with Children

Country of Residence:   Sudan

Address:                        Sudan University for Science & Technology

Res: 00249 183 272917

Mob:  00249 912395009

Fax: 00249 183 792718

P.O Box 407

E-mail: aaelaal @ yahoo. Com.


Education & Certificates:


* Ph. D. with high honours in Aesthetics.

Thesis on " Principles & Resources of Islamic Aesthetics. A study on     the Thought of Sheikh Ibn Arabi "University of Bordeaux, France

(1983- 1987).

* M.A. in Islamic Civilization. (Thesis on the Arabic Letters. Spiritual & Aesthetic Background). University of Bordeaux, France (1981-1983).

* Diploma in Modern Language, Vichy Modern Language Institute. Vichy, France (1981).

* Diploma in Graphic Design, College of fine & Applied Art, Khartoum, Sudan (1967-1971).

* Higher Secondary Certificate, Khartoum Egyptian School (1963-1967).


Work Experience:


* Head of Graphic & Design Department, Ministry of Youth (1974-1980).

* Proffessor of Aesthetics, College of Fine & Applied Art, Sudan University for Science & Technology (1988-1990).

* Secretary General of the National Corporation for Culture & Arts (1991-1993).

* Dean of the Faculty of Music & Drama, Sudan University for Science & Technology (assigned by the Ministry of High Education & Scientific Research).

* Prof. of Aesthetics – Faculty of Music & Drama, Sudan University for Science & Technology.

* x - Dean of College of Fine & Applied Art .

One Man Shows:


* 1963- Painting- Grand Hotel, Khartoum.

* 1964- Painting- Grand Hotel, Khartoum.

* 1965- Painting- Grand hotel, Khartoum.

*  1966- Painting- College of Fine & Applied Art, Khartoum.

* 1967- Painting- Grand Hotel, Khartoum.

* 1968- Painting- French Cultural Center, Khartoum.

* 1969- Painting- French Cultural Center, Khartoum.

*1970- Painting & Sculpture–College of Fine & Applied Art, Khartoum.

* 1971- Painting- College of Fine & Applied Art, Khartoum.

* 1972- Painting- Hall of Syrian Artists Union, Damascus, Syria.

* 1973- Painting- House of Art & Letters Beirut, Lebanon.

* 1975- Painting- His Own Residence, Khartoum.

* 1976- Painting- Mobil Oil Center, Paris.

* 1977- Painting & Sculpture, Friendship Hall, Khartoum.

* 1978- Painting- Gothe Institute, Khartoum.

* 1981- Painting- Friendship Hall, Khartoum.

* 1986- Painting-Institute of Arabic World, Paris (a comparative Exhibition of Arabic, French and Japanese Painting).

* 1990- Painting- Friendship Hall, Khartoum.

* 1992- Painting- Sudanese Culture Week, Doha, Qatar.

* 1993- Painting- Faculty of Fine & Applied Art, Khartoum.

* 1995- Painting- Khartoum International Fair, Khartoum.

* 1998- Painting- French Cultural Center, Khartoum.

* 1999- Painting- UNESCO Hall, Beirut.

* 2000- Painting- Hall of Europe House, Expo 2000, Hannover.

* 2001- Painting- Hannover Hall, Germany.

* 2001- Painting- Atilers Arabes Damascus, Beirut.

* 2002- Painting- The French Cultural Center, Khartoum.

* 2002- Painting- Atlas Television – Hannover Germany.

* 2002- Painting- Holy Quran, Exhibition Teheran.

* 2003- Etching – Obera House, Cairo, Egypt.





*1992- Mural of Monotheism Tree (Protruding Sculpture), material: wood, dimensions: 3m Χ 4m Khartoum International Airport.

* 1992- Mural of Holy Quran (protruding sculpture) Material: wood, dimensions: 3m Χ 4m. Khartoum International Airport.

*  1997- Aesthetic Monument of Omdurman National Bank Material: marble and metal: dimensions: 7m Χ 3.5m.

* 2000- mural: A Day on the River Nile (acrylic Painting) Sudan Section, Expo 2000, Hannover, Germany dimensions: 11.20m Χ 1.80m.



Graphic Design:

Designed between 1970 and 2005m more than 150 logos for different occasions and establishment, among them are the following:


* Second Sudanese Culture Festival.

* Third Sudanese Culture Festival.

* Fourth Sudanese Culture Festival.

* Ministry of Youth, Sudan.

* Coptrade Trading Co, Sudan.

* Islamic Mysticism Conference in Sudan.

* Popular Arab and Islamic Congress.

* Sudanese Scientific Research & Development Corporation.

* National Corporation for Arts & Culture – Sudan.

* Conference of Tribal Co-existence, Sudan.

* Sudan Television.

* Nasaq Artistic Production Co, Sudan.

* Intellectual Activities Corporation, Sudan.

*  National Congress- Sudan.

* National council for press & publications-Sudan.

* Ash- Shaheed Organization – Sudan.

* International Islamic Women's Union – Sudan.

* Chamber of Literary and Artistic Classifications.

* Logo of the Jublee of the Secretarial of Ministers Council of the Sudan 2004.

* Logo of the festival of "Khartoum Capital of Arabe culture 2005.

* Design of the Sudanese New banknotes 2006.



Group Shows:


* 1963- UNESCO National Committee Exhibition – Khartoum.

* 1965- Autumn Exhibition, Sudanese Singer's Union – Khartoum.

* 1966- Autumn Exhibition, Sudanese Singer's Union – Khartoum.

* 1972-Exhibition of the Sudanese Egyptian Brotherhood Week Alexandria – Egypt.

* 1977- 1983 – Exhibition of the Sudanese Culture Festivals Khartoum.

* 1979- Exhibition of the Islamic Aesthetic Aspects: (On the Occasion of The 15th century of the Hegira – Khartoum.

* 1986- Exhibition of Oxfam for Sudan Aid – London.

* 1992- Exhibition of Aesthetic Aspects of Arabic Calligraphy, National Corporation for Culture & Art  – Khartoum.

* 1996- Exhibition on the Occasion of the inauguration of Sheibrain Art Center – Khartoum.

* 1998- Sharqah International Biennial Sharqah – U.A.E.

* 2002- Exhibition of the Union of Sudanese artists.

* 2002- The 10 th Exhibition of Holy Koran, Tehran.

* 2002 – the 2end biennal of Islamic art, Teheran.

* 2006 – the Sudanese plastic art, Riadh



Cultural Charges and Responsibilities:


* 1973- Sudan's representative at the First Festival of Arab Artists- Damascus.

* 1977- 1983- Head of Arts Committee – Sudanese Culture Festivals.

* 1986- Designing and executing Exhibition of Sudan: Days and Events/Sudan National Museum.

* 1990- Head of the Steering Committee, siminar of literature and Arts, Global Institute for Islamic Thought- Khartoum.

* 1991- Head of the Art Committee, National Comprehensive Strategy Conference – Sudan.

* 1992- Working out and directing "Sudan Night" musical and dramatic show – Khartoum.

* 1992-1993- Editor in Chief of "Khartoum Magazine".

* 1994- Working out and executing the exhibition: "Mysticism in Sudan" Youth Place.

* 1995- Setting the basic visualization of Sudan Tourist Resort in "Sudan" Agricultural Scheme – White Nile District, Sudan.

* 1995- Member of Sciences and Arts Committee, Ministry of High Education and Scientific Research – Sudan.

* 1996- Designing and executing the 16th Scholastic Tournament, Wad Medani, Sudan.

* 1997- Designing out and executing the exhibition of Khartoum Development Corporation – Khartoum.

* 1998- Maker and Presenter of "Faradees" Television Programme on Plastic Art in the History of Human Civilization – Sudan Television.

* 1999- Head of the basic visualization of the Sudan Culture Channel Committee – Sudan Television.

* 1999- Member of the National Committee for Sudan's Exhibition at Expo. 2000 – Hannover Germany.

* 1999- Assistant designer and Sudanese consultant for Expo. 2000- Hannover Germany.

* 2000 – Member of Rooting Council – Sudan.

* 2002- Member of international Jury of The Second biennial for Islamic art, Teheran.

* 2004- Member of Consultans of Minister Capinet of the Sudan.



Establisher of " School of One "


          Consequent to studying Islamic Art and accomplishing the: Aesthetics of Islamic Civilization as a Global Monotheistic Civilization, Dr. Ahmed Abdel Aal appealed for establishment of new aesthetics in order to benefit from the aesthetical and intellectual capacities of Islamic civilization and its historical experience which expanded through various natural environments and different national modes that lead to a harmonious aesthetical conscience.

Dr. Ahmed Abdel Aal prepared the basic declaration of "the School of one" which was published in 1988 accompanied with a number of Sudanese artist's signatures.



* Princess Wijdan Ali- Royal Jordanian Hashemite Museum.

* Mr. Monzir Samagia – Beirut, Lebanon.

* Dr. Thomson – Chicago, USA.

* Organization of African Unity (OAU) Addis Ababa.

* Faculty of Fine & Applied Art – Khartoum.

* Mr. Mansour Khalid – Ex-Sudanese Minister of External Relations.

* Museum of shargah , U.A.E.

* Arab Museum of Modern Art – Qatar.

*  The British Museum.


Scientific Research & Studies:


* 1979- "The Artist and Thoughts" in cooperation with various authors-Published by the Ministry of Culture- Sudan.

* 1979- " Heritage and Contemporary". In cooperation with various author- published by the ministry of Culture- Sudan.

* 1989- "Declaration of "the School of One" Sharqah Hall. Khartoum.

* 1989- " Aesthetic Resources of Islamic Civilization". The publications of the Global Institute for Islamic Thought- Khartoum.

* 1995- " Proposal for a" Method for Studying Plastic Art", made for the Faculty of Fine & Applied Arts- Khartoum.

* 1995- 2000- " Amshaj", aseries of weekly writing on art, philosophy and mysticism in Sudanese newspapers.

* 1998- "Aesthetics of the "Existence/ Book", Publication of the African International University – Sudan.

* 1999- "Study of the History of Contemporary Artistic Movement in Sudan", a publication for the Arab Art Exhibition – Beirut.

* 2000- "Ibrahim As-Salahi" The Stone of the Necklace of the pathfinders", an Introduction on the occasion of As-salahis exhibition at Dara Art Gallery – Khartoum.

* 2002- Introduction of " Babel this Morning" roman of the French writer Michel Soket.

* 2004 The book of "The last Dream", Aesthetical writings – House of Alternatives, Paris.

* 2004 Book of "The Tristess of the old aigle" Aesthtical writing, House of Alternatives Paris.

* 2005 Paper on the National Determiners of the Design for the New Sudanese Currency.

* 2005- paper on "Book of Existence", Arwika institute, Khartoum.

*2005- paper on "the African Art, conceptions for new horizons ", conference of Africa, international university of Africa, Khartoum.

* 2006- Book of "Amshaj" statements from the imagination presence .




* 1975- Order of Merit, granted by the President of the Republic of Sudan.

* 1999- Gold Medal for the Great Figures in the Arab Plastic Arts in the 20th Century, Presented on the occasion of declaring Beirut the Cultural capital of the Arab World.

* 2002- Ceremony of his (Mashyakha) in Gadyria Order.

* 2002- Honord by the Merit of (the Servant of the Holy Quran) by the President of Islamic Iranian Republic Mohamed Khtimy.

* 2002- Member of the Jury of the 2end Islamic Biennial in Teheran – Iran.

* 2003- Honored in the occation of 4th International Graphic Biennial, Cairo/ Egypt.

* 2003- Member of the jury of the 22th Biennial of the Mediterranean Countries Alexandry/ Egypt.

*  2004-  Order of Golden Merit for Sciences and letters and Art granted by the President of the Republic of Sudan.