Testimonies of Critics, Historians and Painters about the works of Prof. Ahmed Abdel Aal.


From Outside Sudan


"Ahmed Abdel Aal Writer and Artist of a Very Great Talent "

the French Writer MICHEL SAUQUET, Paris, Mars2004.


(Ahmed Abdel Aal is one of those who make the future through his artistic works in three dimensions, the past, the present and the future (the absent which will come). It is the world of the picture which abridged the history of art but preserved all its signs and the best of its good tidings.)


Arab Critic and historian

Professor Afif Bahnasi


Arabic Professionalism book – Beirut, 2001


(Ahmed Abdel Aal is at the vanguard of giant personalities of contemporary Arabic expressionism declaring his absolute allegiance to his Islamic heritage with all that it embody of Gnostic horizons and self revelations. We are standing towards a thinker who paints rather than a painter who thinks.)


Arab Critic Omran El qaisi

El Kifah Al Arabi Newspaper

Beirut, October, 1999


(In plastic art, I like Ahmed Abdel Aal, Shibrain, Uteibi, and Rashid Dyab, but I have a special appreciation for Ahmed Abdel Aal. He is a great painter, a literary writer and a wise man. In addition to that, he is still a pure Sudanese.)


Mr. Terri Kancton

Director, French Cultural Center, Khartoum

Akhbar El Yom Newspaper 20 February 2004


From Sudan


(Ahmed Abdel Aal, one of the outstanding sons of  the fertile Sudanese culture which, before Ahmed, had given birth to creative characters like EL Khalil, Ettijani Yousif Beshir, Muawia Nour and EL Majzoub.)


Critic Ibrahim El Awam

ELssahafa Newspaper -8/10/2002


(Schools of art will not rise unless through one person who possess special aptitudes, and Ahmed Abdel Aal is a steadfast scholar, and has a sufist vision and a great ability to theorize.)


Painter / Rashid Dyab

EL Hayat Newspaper, 21/8/2003


(The pioneer and leader of this experiment Dr. Ahmed Abdel Aal who was at the head of this school (the School of the one) and one of the first painters who had called for it ….. his creative achievement and marvelous artistic gems whether in Khartoum airport hall or the aesthetic touches which he illustrated in the emblem of Sudan T.V and in all the artistic projects which he implemented.)


Poet Mustafa Sanad

El sudan  EL Hadith Newspaper 12/12/1995








(For Ahmed Abdel Aal, the artistic work is not the product of a casual notion but it is born out of a notion that you could catch …. It can be brought back from the depository of a wide memory and imagination which reveal a vision in Islamic Sufism that leave him walk along paths uneasy to be trodden by a lazy traveler …. To reflect the feeling of his position as a comprehensive intellectual and artist who has his own definite intellectual project)


Muhammad Hussein EL Faki

In his research titled “The Methodology of Sudanese Plastic Art”

Faculty of Fine and Applied Arts, Khartoum 2003




The oldest writing about him was the following testimony when he was still a student in the faculty of Fine and Applied Arts.



(This time I discovered a pure uniqueness which resemble, in the logic of aesthetics, eyes filled with a mixture of love, joy and delight as if everything is shadows of a morning sun at the early days of winter in our beloved country)


Excerpt from the introduction of professor Shibrain about the exhibition of Ahmed Abdel Aal, Khartoum, 1969


(Since he was a student, Ahmed AbdelAal has been inspired and inspirer)


The Sudanese Painter Ibrahim Assalahi