ART Diwan




Arts Diwan is a special gallery in Khartoum, Sudan to show my works in painting, engravement and sculpture, I have chosen to give this gallery the name of "Art Diwan" in conformity with the eminent place which the Diwan occupies in Sudanese social life where members of the hosehold and their guests meet to get acquainted with each other, converse, exchange ideas, or plan for one thing or another.


          Since the Diwan is a gallery to show my works and my aesthetic experience which started since 1963 and to show my overall vision, ideas and writings, this Diwan shall provide an ample time to contemplate my works, the multiplicity of the stages of my experience in plastic art together with my writings including scientific researches and meditations beside the discussion and explanations which these artistic works may provoke about the vision, the technique, and all the interrelations of aesthetics.


          No doubt " Art Diwan" will avail a good opportunity to the visitors, and to art collectors to possess my artistic work directly without mediators, beside the possibility of assigning me directly to carry out works in the fields of plastic art in my capacity as painter, designer of graphic arts and installations implemented with different materials and in different dimensions.


          With such miscellaneous skills which I described,  I hope that " Art Diwan" will provide a broad window through which art collectors worldwide and those who have business ventures related to the different areas of plastic art will get acquainted with my experience and contributions given the mixture of my Arab, Islamic and African cultural background.


Prof. Ahmed Abdel Aal